Grateful Dead x Nike SB Dunk Low (Bear Pack 2020)

2020 is the year of the Nike SB Dunk. In collaboration with the Greateful Dead, there will be three colorways, a yellow, green and orange bear. In this article, we will take a closer look at this collaboration. Grateful to die for who and where did those terrifying bears come from.

die with gratitude
Grateful Dead is an American (rock) band that released multiple albums from 1965 to 1995. In 1973, they released the album “The History of Grateful Dying – Volume 1” (Bears Choice). Bob Thomas designed the cover featuring “Dancing Bear”. The bears later appeared on T-shirts and now on Nike training shoes.

Grateful Dead - Dancing Bears (Tye Die).

nike and bear bag

This is the first collaboration between Nike and the Grateful Dead. But this isn’t the first time Nike has collaborated on a bear theme. In 2006, there was already a Nike SB project dedicated to dancing bears, the Three Bears Pack. This pack contains a Dunk High (Mother Bear), Dunk Mid (Mother Bear) and a Dunk Low (Baby Bear). The fur on the upper of these Dunks is quite eye-catching. There was little hype for the shoe in the first few years, but now the price of the shoe keeps going up.

Nike SB Dunk High - papa bear - 313171-781 - Three Bears Pack 2006
Papa Bear (2006)

€2.020 (StockX)

Nike SB Dunk High - mama bear - 314381-761 - Three Bears Pack 2006
Mama Bear (2006)

€1.750 (StockX)

Nike SB Dunk High - baby bear - 313170-731 - Three Bears Pack 2006
Baby Bear (2006)

€2.020 (StockX)

Grateful Dead x Nike SB Dunk Low 2020

In 2020, there will be a sequel to The Three Bears Pack. There will be three Nike SB Dunk Low training shoes in green, yellow and blue. Refers to the dancing bear. Again, the shoes will have a fur. Click on the shoes below for more information on each color and to see official images.

The 2020 Bear Pack will be released on July 24, 2020.

Grateful Dead x Nike SB Dunk Low - Green Bear - CJ5378-300
Green Bear (2020)
Grateful Dead x Nike SB Dunk Low - Yellow Bear - CJ5378-700
Yellow Bear (2020)


Grateful Dead x Nike SB Dunk Low - Orange Bear - CJ5378-800
Orange Bear (2020)

Of course, the big question is…, where are the blue and pink versions? There are five colors of dancing bears, only three of which have been announced so far. However, there are pictures of the blue and pink SB Dunk Low. The gum sole is striking instead of the colorful sole like the one above. It seems to be a concept. We will update this article if more information becomes available.

Grateful Dead - Nike SB Dunk Low - Dancing Bears - green, yellow, orange, pink and blue

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