Nike Air Max 90 – Reverse Duck Camo

The Nike Air Max 90 – Reverse Duck Camo launches on Airmax Day 2020. Seven years after the original AM90 duck camo was released. The colors are different, but the reverse duck camo is a clear reference to the 2013 model.

There have been rumors for a while now that the 2020 Ducks’ camo will drop again. In 2013, it was with Atmos, and in 2020, not so. At first, that didn’t seem to dampen the hype surrounding the shoe. The final difference is mainly reflected in resale. The 2013 duck camouflage is currently priced from 700 euros, while the reverse duck camouflage remains around the retail price.

Nike Air Max – Reverse Duck Camo

In the 2020 version of the duck camouflage, the same colors as the 2013 original are used. However, these colors are in different places. The color of the phalanges and the wedges are opposite. The toe caps are infrared and the wedges are black. The camouflage colors are the same.

Nike Air Max 90 – Reverse Duck Camo
Color: Infrared/Black/Dark/Baroque Brown
Style Code: CW6024-600
Release Date: March 26, 2020
Retail price: 140 euros

Sadly, the Nike Air Max 90 – Reverse Duck Camo is no longer in stores. With any luck, you can find these shoes around the retail price at Stockx or GOAT.

Stockx (from €155)
Champion (from $155)

The new model “stands out” more due to the excessive use of infrared colors. Because of this, it’s impossible to walk down the street with these shoes unnoticed. Personally, we like it this way!

The material is what we can expect from an Air Max 90. The shoe comes with laces in three colors (white, black and infrared). There is also an OG Nike label on the shoe.

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